Q&A: how could airborne virus entered the cranium?

airborne virus
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Question by red butterfly: how could airborne virus entered the cranium?

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Answer by RedbullRacingFan
Through your nostrils and nasal passages.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: how could airborne virus entered the cranium?”

  1. NO, your brain is safely tucked up in its own little place ie.. your head, no air gets to it, just blood, but saying that, you could get a virus there by way of a virus in the blood stream.

  2. 1) You either breath in the airborne virus or it comes in contact with your eye surfaces
    2) It then enters the body through the soft tissue linings of the nose & mouth (or through the eye surfaces) and then enters the blood stream.
    3) From there the blood takes it to the brain….and every where else in the body.
    This is the typical way people contract:
    Bacterial Meningitis
    Common cold
    Strep throat
    Whooping cough

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